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Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) Pharmaceutical Plant Extension

Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) Pharmaceutical Plant Extension, Buraydah, Qassim

Project had various Logistical and Construction constraints due to live Pharmaceutical plant functioning around the construction Area. Existing Patio area of the SPIMACO Plant was developed into new OSD Plant surrounded from all four sides with existing building. 4M Below Natural Ground Level, access was made for mobilization of equipment and manpower to start excavation works. Further 3M Depth manual excavation in Hard Strata executed, 5 Levels, Tower Crane was placed outside the building with a range of 70M.
Project includes 4,500M2 of Covered Area, 5 Levels, Excavation, Isolated footings, Raft Foundations, Drop Beams , Hot Rolled Structural Steel Building, Spiral External Stairs, Recessed Floors for Machine Installations, 3,000M3 Concrete Works, 2,000Tons Steel Reinforcement, Manual Demolition Inside Plant works, Reinforced Screed, Trenches, Grease Traps, Clay Pipe Sanitary Piping, Conduit Works, Polyurethane Floor Coating.
Location: Buraydah, Qassim
Construction Value: SR 19,312,259.00